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According to Mery K. Ash, a great philosopher, there are three categories of people: People who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder why and how things happen.  Today, it wouldn’t be wrong categorization if one says that Sacred Heart Marist College, Ejule, falls under the category of people who make things happen. This is consequent upon the fact that the college has continued to add feathers to its cap. No wonder, people from all walks of life have ranked the school “first among equals”.

Taking the position of the category of “people who wonder how and why things happen”, I embark on this write-up to do an appraisal report on some remarkable facilities in the college which covers academic, health, sport, transportation, agriculture and other facilities. A look at the entrance of the school gives one an ambience of sacred and serene environment. This is as a result of the fact that both the exit and entry lanes are skillfully and aesthetically designed and decorated with flowers that are being trimmed on regular basis. 

Health Facilities

First and foremost, there is a saying that “health is wealth”. In other words, health should be given priorityover any other issue. Little wonder, the SHMCE management has not only built and equipped a state of the art health facilities clinic but also staffed it with qualified health professionals that are always available and ready to render services. 

Academic Facilities

Academic which is the essence for the existence of the college has been duly given its own share of the dividends. This is manifest in the nature and numbers of classrooms, conference room, staff rooms, laboratories and administrative offices located both up and downstairs, each accommodating not less than 30 writing desks. In the same vein, the art room which displays different forms of art works is a tourist attraction centre of its own, just as the laboratories are succor to the students who ordinarily tend to have a negative impression about sciences as they now have their practical almost daily. What of the school library stuffed with all sorts of learning materials which most of other colleges cannot boast of and a well equiped computer laboratory for hands-on practicals amongst others.

ICT Facilities

As if the achievement was not enough without information and communication technology, the college has gone digital with construction of ICT centre that is equipped with not less than 100 flat screen monitor computer sets. With the establishment of cyber cafe, the college has its students' portal ( which gives students easy access to their results online. 

Accommodation Facilities

Boys and girls hostels which are constructed in separate sites are not only well ventilated but large enough as each room is capable of sheltering 30 students with its electrical appliances and convenience facilities being functional.

Sport Facilities

The school management has never feigned ignorance to the common axiom that “all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy” This is evident in the nature of standard football field and basketball court constructed adjacent of the classroom blocks. This has created an avenue for most of the students who display their sports intellect during external and internal sports competitions. 

Agricultural Facilities

It might not be fallacious if one argues that the defunct agricultural policies such as “Operation Feed the Nation”, “Green Revolution”, etc may one day be revived. This is evident in the manner and rate at which the SHMCE management has practically and radically embarked on farming of all forms of crops and animal production. 

Water System Facilities

As the say goes that "Water is an element that brings life" In the bit to make life confortable for her students SHMCE as consistently strive to make water available at all times. Several water projects have been commissioned but to no avail but SHMCE management never let down their guard and today SHMCE have a good water system which serves the students and sometimes opened to the general puplic.

In view of the above achievement in terms of facilities and many other remarkable achievements made so far by the college, one could boldly and proudly argue that Sacred Heart Marist College, Ejule is a domain of facilities.

Written for the school by: Brainbench Technology